Splintered Night

No matter how hard she tries – Jenny just can’t remember what happened last night. All she wanted was to have some fun with her friends at the rock festival on the lake. But then she wakes up half-naked in her classmate Jakob’s car, and discovers there’s been a terrible accident in the night. Someone threw a wine bottle off a motorway bridge, and a woman died as a result. The police ask the festival-goers to give evidence, and Jenny is afraid that ugly truths about her and Jakob will come to light, which would upset both her mother and her boyfriend Markus. But what really happened that night?

Before Jenny can get to the bottom of it, a police photo-fit image is shown on the evening news – can that really be her and Markus?

Winner of the Hansjörg-Martin-Award 2012 (Crime Novel Award for Children and YA fiction)


dtv Junior
240 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78254-8
1. Mai 2011