Before He Does it Again

What Johanna really wanted was to spend the summer holidays trying to come to terms with what happened to her a year ago—something she’s never spoken about to anyone. Then she comes across an article about a girl called Kim who is in hospital being treated for serious injuries following a brutal rape. Johanna senses that the man who abused Kim is the same one who had her at his mercy a year ago. What if he does it again? Another wave of despair washes over Johanna—drawing her inexorably to the place where Kim was found.

There, at the bridge over the river, Johanna meets Vincent, the boy who pulled the badly injured Kim from the water— and can’t get what happened out of his mind. Vincent falls in love with Johanna, and she reluctantly allows herself to get closer to him. But there’s one thing that’s still beyond her: she can’t break her silence and go to the police. And now, time is running out...

• An enthralling psychological delineation of the consequences of rape, emphasising the necessity of speaking out to prevent the offender from repeating the act.

• A riveting thriller narrated with great sensitivity.


dtv Junior
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78281-4
1. Februar 2015