The Thing About You and Me

Did that gorgeous guy really just ask her if she wanted to go to a concert with him? Her first date! 15-year-old Skinny moves heaven and earth to make sure she can go out for that one night—and then he doesn’t show up. So why can’t she just forget Pascal? And why is he suddenly turning up wherever she goes...?

Pascal finds it almost impossible to come to terms with his mother’s sudden death—she was killed in an accident on the eve of his date. He can’t talk to Skinny about it—even if he wants nothing more than to open up to her. As for Skinny, she’s soon forced to accept that despite everything she’s fallen for Pascal in a big way. And that it’s high time to reveal a secret of her own...


dtv Junior
224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-78282-1
1. Dezember 2014