A Prince of Silver and Gold

She danced into his cold heart, and he robbed her of her freedom...

In honor of its new king, Copper City hosts a sumptuous festival. With her breathtaking tambourine dancing, Sofija Rea Linn enchants the young successor. He wants to possess her, so she can only dance for him alone.

Kicker Academy (vol. I)

Wanted: The Next Superstar

Something here is… foul

Grünstadt Academy: every budding kicker dreams of attending this soccer academy. Soccer is even played in the school's hallways - and nobody complains. The newest student soon arrives: Leo Fischer, the son of the famous national player, Rüdiger Fischer. The ...

Being First.

Records from the Animal World

Who is faster - the Atlantic sailfish or a windsurfer? Which animals can hear with their feet? And which species is the noisiest? The animal world produces unbelievable records and amazing facts. Here they are explained in an amusing manner and presented visually - sometimes in quiz format, as ...
Rights sold: Bulgaria

My Magical Animal Friends

Cuddling carps, chuckling chicks and co.: puzzle and doodle book

Pocket squirrels, trembling piglets, and co. - all of these magical animals are captured in this book. Color them, find their best friends, search for their favorite foods, discover the five differences to ...

The Blueberry Detectives: In Search of the Master Thief (vol. III)

The third case for the Blueberry Detectives

A band of thieves seems to be stirring up mischief in town. However, the strange thing is that the stolen items are mostly small things which reappear after a few days' time. Even the valuable painting View of Paradise reappears shows ...

Volume: 3

The Blueberry Detectives: Be Aware of the Ghost Elk! (vol. II)

Some time has passed since the Blueberry Detectives' spectacular first case. In their latest adventure a rumor is making the rounds about an eerie elk that practically dissolves into mist as soon as you try to approach it. The ghost elk is now attracting so many curious tourists that even Hecht, ...
Volume: 2

The Blueberry Detectives: Island Forest in danger! (vol. I)

The beginning of a wonderful new detective series for children

A village somewhere in the middle of Finland, located at a lake with a small harbor and an impressive number of islands. One of these islands is home to the secret headquarters of the Blueberry Detectives. The Blueberry ...

Volume: 1

On the Waves

Five days on the river may last longer than an entire lifetime

When the missionary Friedrich Ganze returns home to Bujora from a trip, he discovers that his wife Eva is dead and his daughter Gertrud is deathly ill. The shaman of the African village hurries to their house and helps ...

Reindeer Rarely Come Alone

Our Year with Santa Claus

When Santa Claus turns everything upside down

It all begins on the first day of Christmas, December 25th. The Wetekamps' doorbell chimes, and Santa Claus is standing outside. He is supposed to stay here for one year, he explains. The gentlemen in the heavenly Christmas ...

Rights sold: Poland

You Can See Just as Well with your Ears!

Life's twice as nice with music!

This is the story of Mathis and Muks. Mathis is eleven and has especially keen hearing because he is blind. With his four-legged friend Muks by his side, he experiences life and music with such intensity that it feels like the two of them are ...

Monika Osberghaus, Thomas Engelhardt

In Prison

A Child’s Book about Life behind Bars

The place no one knows

Sina's father has to go to prison. He has done something bad and now has to answer for it. Sina doesn't understand what all is happening. She has no idea what the place is like where her Papa is now living. This book is for children like her, as well as for ...

Ilona Einwohlt

The Fire Before Christmas

A multicultural Christmas story

"It was the day our home burnt down..." So begins Luca's very own Christmas story. Luca, his heavily pregnant mother and his irritating big sister find themselves homeless just before Christmas. What now? In search of shelter they go from one family member and acquaintance to the next, but it's ...