The Manor on the Moor

Shadows over Lynhybrook Hall
A dilapidated manor becomes the key to the past for Laura Milton. Two timelines illuminate the fates of Laura (today) and Victoria (100 years ago). The fate of Lady Victoria Milton has cast a long shadow into the present day. Exmoor in the late ...

Don’t Forget a Single Word

Three eras, three women, three fates
Set in the Silesian town of Gleiwitz, the stories of Martha, Maria, and Magda trace the history of this border region: following the Germans, Poles, and Czechs, Christians and Jews, who loved and hated each other, were expelled and whose ...

Damn it, Eberhofer!

Niederkaltenkirchen is everywhere! Four twisted stories from Eberhofer

Twisted, hilarious and heartwarming tales from Franz: trouble with Susi, an asinine murder case in Ruhrpott, a weekend in Austria with Simmerl, Flötzinger, and at least 17 glasses of raspberry brandy. ...

Gustafsson’s Jul

A Swedish Christmas Story

A magical Christmas in snowy Sweden

"The painting was once again hanging in the hallway, in the exact same spot where he had hung it up all those years ago. She had passed away three months later. After that, he could no longer bear to look at it, but now it warmed his heart.

The Book Cat

About people, cats and books

The cat, the unfathomable creature. We think we know everything about them, yet we actually know nothing. Cats are knowledgeable about peculiar things that remain hidden to us. They have purred their way through the millennia, and are acquainted ...

Paris for Beginners

A wildly adventurous journey through the City of Love
Paul adores being in control. Stains make him nervous, and he has absolutely no tolerance for bad manners. His life and his relationship with Annika would be running along an extremely straight track - if it weren't for her ...

Three Women at the Lake

Three friends, four lives - and a house by the lake

They had been close friends since childhood: Marie, Alexandra, Friederike, and Jule. Regardless of where their lives took them, they gathered every Friday before Pentecost, at Maries´ enchanting house by the lake. Marie, the ...

Rights sold: Italy

Fortune’s Travelers

The Boysen family celebrates life
During a major celebration at Tide House - Inge Boysen is turning 80, while her granddaughter Inka is turning 18 - Fortune's Comet soars over the North Sea island. Inge, her children, and her grandchildren become Fortune's travellers. Enno is ...

All for One

One really quirky group!

Everything would have worked out just fine if they had simply bought the old villa on the Rhine and been able to turn it into a legally acceptable residence. But, of course, that plan came apart, and the colorful, multi-generational flatshare is now faced ...

Volume: 3

Beset by Concerns

A life between Capri and Sylt

A sensitive, humorous portrait of a remarkable woman. Subtly and unpretentiously, Claretta Cerio describes her childhood and teenage years between 1927 and 1945, which she spent divided between two vastly different island worlds. On the one hand, Capri is her mother's home, and it is here that ...

Saving an Entire World

A Jewish girl, an Arab doctor - an amazing story

New York City, late 1990s. At a family reunion, Bella Servos recalls her childhood growing up in a Jewish family in Berlin, but hardly anyone is interested in listening to her memories. Time and history have left her behind, ...

Westermann and Fräulein Gabriele

Richard Westermann is an IT executive with a tendency to brood and a penchant for cemeteries. At Höfer's funeral, Westermann falls in love with the deceased author's portable typewriter. And so the machine-an old Gabriele model-becomes an essential part of his life. When Westermann finds ...