Fortune’s Travelers

The Boysen family celebrates life
During a major celebration at Tide House - Inge Boysen is turning 80, while her granddaughter Inka is turning 18 - Fortune's Comet soars over the North Sea island. Inge, her children, and her grandchildren become Fortune's travellers. Enno is ...
Volume: 2

Stay Away from Gretchen

An impossible love story

A great love during dark times

A young woman, an African-American Gi and the secret of a forbidden love

The well-known Cologne news anchor Tom Monderath is worried about his 84-year-old mother Greta, who is growing increasingly forgetful. What was initially an ...

Rights sold: Italy (Edizioni Nord)

The Manor on the Moor

Shadows over Lynhybrook Hall
A dilapidated manor becomes the key to the past for Laura Milton. Two timelines illuminate the fates of Laura (today) and Victoria (100 years ago). The fate of Lady Victoria Milton has cast a long shadow into the present day. Exmoor in the late ...

June '53

Max Heller remains true to himself - but the gap that is dividing the country also starts to fragment his own family

Summer 1953: Daily life in the new German Democratic Republic (GDR) is becoming difficult. The ongoing shortages of everything continue. The population's ...

Volume: 5

Nights with Tom

When erotic fantasies become reality

"I still can't even put into words what it was like in bed with Tom. He could transport me to another world."

Fifty-year-old Nina should be as content as can be. She is a passionate cookbook author and happily married - although she can't ...

Something Worthwhile

"Isn't a deep passion the only justification for living?"

Clarita von Trott zu Solz sets a pail beside her bed in which she can quickly burn dangerous documents if needed. Annedore Leber has fought for years to get her husband freed from prison. Freya von Moltke and Marion von ...

Volume: 2

Young Woman, Standing by the Window, Evening Light, Blue Dress

The heritage of our mothers

Berlin, 2017: 27-year-old Hannah finds a letter from a lawyer, identifying her grandmother and her as possible heirs to a Jewish art collection which had been confiscated under the Nazi regime. However, this is the first time the young student hears ...

Rights sold: Italy, The Netherlands

The Revenge of the Christmas Pickle

A holiday mystery

The darker, twisted side of Christmas - murder included

In the village of Eliasborn, a new season kicks off on December 1. The mayor has ordered the town to be transformed into a Christmas wonderland, reflecting the theme of a living Advent calender. Even Christmas curmudgeon Adam ...

Jakob’s Silence

So much love, so much hate: One family's drama

"He knew whose finger was on the trigger. But why… The darkness descended with the fourth bullet."

A sixteen-year-old boy shows up at his father's office, an esteemed Bremen attorney, and shoots him. The final shot is fatal. ...

Two Distant Lives

Two women on a lifelong search for the truth

Ricarda Raspe and her fiancé are delightedly expecting their first child. But then the birth at a Dresden hospital takes a turn for the worse, and Ricarda's baby dies. According to the regulations, she can't even see her child's body one ...

A Little Nice Mowing

The gardener isn't always the murderer

Dietmar and his wife's marriage is like many others: she enjoys gardening, and he has to help out. And yet, he is more of an indoors kind of guy, who would rather observe the bushes he is supposed to be clipping from his desk. This is why they ...

But Some Did

»My greatest hope is that you are happy when you think of me.«

This is the first novel ever published about the lives and deaths of the women and men involved with the so-called Red Orchestra. They all met the same violent fate, but their paths to that point were quite ...

Volume: 1