Perfect Day

The power of imagination can be comforting. Or deadly. Girls, between the ages of 7 and 10, have been disappearing for the past fourteen years. Ten girls in fourteen years. Red ribbons show the police the way to the bodies. For fourteen years, the culprit has been at large. One ...
Rights sold: Denmark (Superlux), English World (Quercus, UK), Greece (Metachmio), Italy (Giunti), Lithuania (Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers), Norway (CappelenDamm), The Netherlands (HarperCollins NL), Czech Republic (Euromedia), Poland (Foksal)

78° Deadly Latitude

A Spitsbergen mystery

The polar night brings death

In Spitsbergen's frigid polar night, a retired chief inspector and a curious young dog sled driver stumble across an international crime - and get much too close to a polar bear.
Shortly after Christmas, the newly retired, Norwegian ...

Volume: 1

Venison Ragout Rendezvous

Eberhofer's eleventh case: A murder without a body ...

Dammit all! What has gotten into the Eberhofer women recently? After baking about 2,000 cakes and cooking even more pork roasts, dumplings and sauerkraut, Grandma has decided to give up all domestic activities for good - at ...

Volume: 11

Enemy of the People

Max Heller's last case

The 7th and final volume in the bestselling series about Inspector Max Heller in Dresden

August 1961: Captain Max Heller of the Dresden Major Crimes Department is assigned to a desk job by his new superior. This is an affront to Heller, who plans to retire soon. When he ...

Rights sold: Italy (Fanucci)
Volume: 7

The Luck of the Irish

Following an extended foreign sabbatical, ambitious policewoman Grace O'Malley returns to her native Ireland to head up the Galway murder squad. Her first case, the killing of young student Annie, proves no walk in the park. Three prominent local men play a major part in her investigations-and ...

Volume: 1

A Vineyard for His Silence

Security expert Georg Hellberger feels right at home on the Moselle, having become a good wine connoisseur. But now he has been asked to put his investigator hat back on: a vintner friend asks him to look into events that occurred during the Reunification period. The supervisory Treuhand ...

Trauma - No Forgetting

An innocent serial killer?

Two brutally mutilated corpses. Two crime scenes bearing the signature of Franz Bichler. But the serial killer, recently released from prison, has an alibi for these crimes. Is there a copycat out there? Inspector Katja Sand delves into the lives ...

Volume: 2

No Way Out

The monster in all of us - or the question of when guilt begins

When Noah goes to get the laundry from the attic late one night, he suddenly has a knife at his throat. The attacker wants to get into his apartment, to his wife. Noah has no choice but to ... His neighbors ...

Deadly Gale

On the remote, wind-tossed Normandy island of Chausey, a couple discovers a message in a bottle on the beach. It contains a list of five names, including that of the man who just found it. He dies on the return trip to the mainland. A short time later, the second man on the list is found dead. ...
Volume: 5


A Normandy mystery: A new case for Nicolas Guerlain

Experience Normandy's dark side with Benjamin Cors

Fear has settled across Vieux-Port. The town's residents are terrified of an old curse that predicts they will all die in a flooding of the Seine. After the first victim dies, the mayor asks for Nicolas Guerlain's help ...

Volume: 4

The Stepdaughter

Only the old villa knows the truth

One stormy autumn night, a call is made to the emergency room. An accident has occurred at the Gretzky family estate. Upon arrival, the detectives find a barely responsive woman on a swing in front of the villa. Inside, her husband is lying in a ...

Tidal Game

BODYGUARD: the word that a dying man attempts to scratch into the ground with the last of his strength. A word that leads to Nicolas Guerlain, a bodyguard employed by the French government. Nicolas realizes that there is a connection to the festivities at Normandy on June 6, the memorial day ...

Volume: 3