Dear Child

And he called the light Day and the darkness he called Night. Just like God.

A windowless shack in the woods. Lena's life and that of her two children follows the rules set by the father: Meals, bathroom visits, study time are strictly scheduled and meticulously observed.

Rights sold: English World Rights, Netherlands, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Korea, Hungary, Sweden

The Revenge of the Christmas Pickle

A holiday mystery

The darker, twisted side of Christmas - murder included

In the village of Eliasborn, a new season kicks off on December 1. The mayor has ordered the town to be transformed into a Christmas wonderland, reflecting the theme of a living Advent calender. Even Christmas curmudgeon Adam ...

The Wine Tasting in Lisbon

Wine contains the truth - and death!

The logician Andreas Fechter knows how people smuggle cocaine and how murders can be made to look like accidents. Doctoral student Johanna Breitenbach is supposed to be showing Portuguese vintners how their vineyards can save energy, but ...

Marta, Asleep

Her past makes her the perfect victim. And the perfect murderer...

A murder has occurred, and it must be undone. This leaves only one possibility. The murder has to happen again, and the real culprit has to provide the police with a different course of events - as well as a ...

Rights sold: English World Rights, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Denmark

When the Gondolas Sink

"Venice - it is a stunning gondola filled to the last seat with overweight tourists… Should we wait until the gondola sinks?"

A series of attacks on famous guests sets Venice on tenterhooks. A terrorist attack, or the work of a psycho or a passionate tourist hater? The victims are: ...

Deadly Gale

On the remote, wind-tossed Normandy island of Chausey, a couple discovers a message in a bottle on the beach. It contains a list of five names, including that of the man who just found it. He dies on the return trip to the mainland. A short time later, the second man on the list is found dead. ...
Volume: 5

QUANTUM – Lethal Matter

A new superweapon. A determined scientist. And a race against time.

Physicist Nicola Caneddu is enjoying a post-work beer - but only a few moments later, he finds himself in the hands of brutal kidnappers who want to force him to give up information about a secret tunnel at CERN.

Fickle Teens and Fish in Batter

Problematic pirates, perspicacious parrots, terrible teens and a chilled corpse....

Thies Detlefsen's twin daughters Telje and Tadje take the boat to Amrum for the annual autumn school trip, chaperoned by their class teacher Dr Niggermeier and "super-cute" student ...

Volume: 5

Death is the Only Justice

How far can you go in the name of Justice?

On his way to the altar on his wedding day, a prominent businessman is shot in front of all his wedding guests. This is a spectacular case for Superintendent Rolf Schellenberg. His team includes psychologist and journalist Ina Reich, who ...


A Normandy mystery: A new case for Nicolas Guerlain

Experience Normandy's dark side with Benjamin Cors

Fear has settled across Vieux-Port. The town's residents are terrified of an old curse that predicts they will all die in a flooding of the Seine. When the first victim dies, the mayor asks for Nicolas Guerlain's help ...

Volume: 4



The campaign of revenge continues

Young women are being abducted and then murdered despite the payment of ransoms. Is this an act of revenge against their fathers, who have made their fortunes through illegal business dealings? One year after the Tannenstein murderers, former ...

Volume: 2

The Dance Hall Murder

Leo Wechsler's seventh case

A dead body in Clärchen's Ballroom

Berlin, Summer 1928. A dresser is found murdered in Bühler's ballroom, a dance establishment on the Auguststraße, which is also known as Clärchen's dance hall. Clärchen, the owner, is stunned. Was the murder specifically intended to harm her ...

Volume: 7