A Normandy mystery: A new case for Nicolas Guerlain

Experience Normandy's dark side with Benjamin Cors

Fear has settled across Vieux-Port. The town's residents are terrified of an old curse that predicts they will all die in a flooding of the Seine. After the first victim dies, the mayor asks for Nicolas Guerlain's help ...

Volume: 4

The Stepdaughter

Only the old villa knows the truth

One stormy autumn night, a call is made to the emergency room. An accident has occurred at the Gretzky family estate. Upon arrival, the detectives find a barely responsive woman on a swing in front of the villa. Inside, her husband is lying in a ...

Lost Angels

Like a shadow in the night

During the dark fall evenings of 1956, woman after woman is brutally raped in Dresden. When a body of a woman is found in the Elbe, calls for vigilante justice grow louder amongst the rattled population. Detective Insprector Max Heller and his team ...

Rights sold: Italy (Fanucci)
Volume: 6

Tidal Game

BODYGUARD: the word that a dying man attempts to scratch into the ground with the last of his strength. A word that leads to Nicolas Guerlain, a bodyguard employed by the French government. Nicolas realizes that there is a connection to the festivities at Normandy on June 6, the memorial day ...

Volume: 3

Fried Fish for the Godfather

Fredenbüll is in an uproar. Turbines are being installed across the dyke foreland, and the environmentalists have come running. Even Grandma Ahlbeck supports the hastily established initiative, "Do(n't) be a Frog," as it seeks to protect the endangered fire-bellied toad. One morning, a body is ...

Volume: 6

June '53

Max Heller remains true to himself - but the gap that is dividing the country also starts to fragment his own family

Summer 1953: Daily life in the new German Democratic Republic (GDR) is becoming difficult. The ongoing shortages of everything continue. The population's ...

Volume: 5

The White Halibut

An Island Mystery

Watch out, biting fish!

It's a picture-perfect summer on Amrum. Half of Fredenbüll and the entire "Hidde Kist" are vacationing here. On the bustling beach, a wave suddenly washes up a woman's severed foot onto little Finn's shovel. Everyone stares at the water, transfixed, as a ...

Volume: 9

Trauma – No Escape

Into the abyss of the human soul

A body has been found in a pond in a quarry close to Munich. Superintendent Katja Sand and her assistant Rudi Dorfmüller head the investigation. The victim was a low-ranking officer on a naval corvette - and he couldn't swim. Is this suicide? But ...

Volume: 1


A double game: the brilliant finale to the Born trilogy

Highly alarmed, Carla Diaz, Born's former colleague from the vice squad, turns to the ex-cop. Two prostitutes, members of the Cernunnos sect - to which Carla's daughter Malin also belongs -, have been found murdered. Carla is ...

Volume: 3

Wait Till I get my Hands on You!

Bendix Steensen is stranded by a storm at Heathrow airport. At increasingly frequent intervals, he receives calls from his nine-year-old son Lewe, whose panic is clearly growing by the minute. His mum and grandma have been gone for hours, nobody's answering their phone and he's afraid he may ...

The Revenge of the Christmas Pickle

A holiday mystery

The darker, twisted side of Christmas - murder included

In the village of Eliasborn, a new season kicks off on December 1. The mayor has ordered the town to be transformed into a Christmas wonderland, reflecting the theme of a living Advent calender. Even Christmas curmudgeon Adam ...

The Wine Tasting in Lisbon

Wine contains the truth - and death!

The logician Andreas Fechter knows how people smuggle cocaine and how murders can be made to look like accidents. Doctoral student Johanna Breitenbach is supposed to be showing Portuguese vintners how their vineyards can save energy, but ...