Heir to the Port Estate

The death of his uncle creates serious problems for the Berlin-based architect Nicolas Hollmann: why was the vineyard on the Rio Douro bequeathed to him of all people? Is he supposed to give up his profession and accept his inheritance? He has yet to find out quite how perilous the journey to ...

June '53

Max Heller remains true to himself - but the gap that is dividing the country also starts to fragment his own family

Summer 1953: Daily life in the new German Democratic Republic (GDR) is becoming difficult. The ongoing shortages of everything continue. The population's ...

Volume: 5


A double game: the brilliant finale to the Born trilogy

Highly alarmed, Carla Diaz, Born's former colleague from the vice squad, turns to the ex-cop. Two prostitutes, members of the Cernunnos sect - to which Carla's daughter Malin also belongs -, have been found murdered. Carla is ...

Volume: 3

Wait Till I get my Hands on You!

Bendix Steensen is stranded by a storm at Heathrow airport. At increasingly frequent intervals, he receives calls from his nine-year-old son Lewe, whose panic is clearly growing by the minute. His mum and grandma have been gone for hours, nobody's answering their phone and he's afraid he may ...

Jakob’s Silence

So much love, so much hate: One family's drama

"He knew whose finger was on the trigger. But why… The darkness descended with the fourth bullet."

A sixteen-year-old boy shows up at his father's office, an esteemed Bremen attorney, and shoots him. The final shot is fatal. ...

Two Distant Lives

Two women on a lifelong search for the truth

Ricarda Raspe and her fiancé are delightedly expecting their first child. But then the birth at a Dresden hospital takes a turn for the worse, and Ricarda's baby dies. According to the regulations, she can't even see her child's body one ...

The Wine Tasting in Lisbon

Wine contains the truth - and death!

The logician Andreas Fechter knows how people smuggle cocaine and how murders can be made to look like accidents. Doctoral student Johanna Breitenbach is supposed to be showing Portuguese vintners how their vineyards can save energy, but ...



The campaign of revenge continues

Young women are being abducted and then murdered despite the payment of ransoms. Is this an act of revenge against their fathers, who have made their fortunes through illegal business dealings? One year after the Tannenstein murderers, former ...

Volume: 2

The Dance Hall Murder

Leo Wechsler's seventh case

A dead body in Clärchen's Ballroom

Berlin, Summer 1928. A dresser is found murdered in Bühler's ballroom, a dance establishment on the Auguststraße, which is also known as Clärchen's dance hall. Clärchen, the owner, is stunned. Was the murder specifically intended to harm her ...

Volume: 7

Rioja For The Matador

Journalist Henry Meyenbeeker, who is reporting from the most famous of all Spanish wine regions, inadvertently finds himself in the midst of a dispute raging between a large winery and a young highly committed co-operative. When the co-operative's oenologist dies in a car crash, ...
Rights sold: Poland, Greece

His Last Burgundy

The Baden-Baden wine festival, with four thousand wines from around the world up for evaluation, is just around the corner. The judging panel's leading luminary is Alan Amber, a renowned and influential wine critic whose controversial hundred-point grading system has rocketed some growers ...

The Forgotten

Dresden 1948: a hot summer, three years after the end of the war. The great currency reform throws occupied and divided post-war Germany into a crisis. In the midst of the arduous reconstruction work, Detective Inspector Max Heller finds himself entangled in a case involving a fourteen-year-old ...

Volume: 3