The Sound of Hidden Rooms

The secret of Stone Abbey

After her mother's death, Nina Altmann, a 24-year-old concert pianist, inherits Stone Abby, a wildly romantic estate in the heart of England. However, her inheritance is tied to specific commission: Nina is instructed to prove the innocence of her ...

The Manor on the Moor

Shadows over Lynhybrook Hall
A dilapidated manor becomes the key to the past for Laura Milton. Two timelines illuminate the fates of Laura (today) and Victoria (100 years ago). The fate of Lady Victoria Milton has cast a long shadow into the present day. Exmoor in the late ...

Blood Money

A little boy calls the police emergency line; he's in shock and facing extreme danger. But the police officers get to the scene too late-a family of four has been slaughtered in cold blood: the mother, the father, a three-year-old girl and a six-year-old boy.

It's clearly a case for ...

Volume: 3

Champagne for Cremer

Early one morning, a jogger finds a dead body in a forest near Augsburg. Frank Seiler, managing director of Digitech, was intelligent, ambitious, visionary-and rich and good-looking into the bargain -a combination bound to attract enviers and enemies aplenty. There's ...

The Blood of the Lotus

"The dragon has awoken. It's creeping up on us, gradually, like a nemesis, sealing our doom."

Emilia Capelli and Mai Zhou are called to the scene of a mysterious double murder: on the eleventh floor of a Frankfurt luxury hotel they find the bodies of entrepreneur Peter Klatt and ...

Volume: 2


Two brilliant young investigators, four bizarrely staged corpses and a mathematical formula that sets the pace of death.

The Frankfurt central criminal investigation directorate's department of capital offences chooses two commissioners, Emilia Capelli and May Zhou, to solve ...

Rights sold: Italy
Volume: 1

Grandmother's Shoes

The matriarchal head of the family has just been laid to rest at the ripe old age of 95, and the family is gathered at a restaurant to see her off - it is one of the rare occasions they all meet up, and in fact they have little to say to one another. But there is plenty going on in their heads.

Rights sold: Lithuania

Sister Dear

Josefa and Karla, two sisters, both widowed, have been living together in their parents' flat in Vienna for many years. Their relationship is alternately loving and bitchy - as is to be expected in women with very different characters who are growing old. Inevitably they sometimes get on each ...
Rights sold: The Netherlands

Constanze Mozart

"She had not married a genius. She had married a small, scrawny man who made her laugh… And he had loved her. People could say what they wanted about that."

Who was this Constanze, this "unsuitable girl" for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, as posterity and her husband's family called her? ...
Rights sold: Japan

White Supremacy’s Long Farewell

An Enthusiastic Plea to Rethink the Old World

What does it mean to be German - to be European - in a period in which the world order is controlled less and less by the West and by a white minority? The challenges related to immigrant societies and the cultural shifts occurring around the world will result in one single outcome: Europe will ...

The New Iran

- between hope and despotism

An inside view of the most important power in the Middle East

The Islamic Republic stands for an authoritarian yet modern society grounded in technology and the military which has nevertheless managed to retain a unique Iranian culture. But Iranian society is rent by an ...

German-Jewish Children of Fortune

- A global history of my family

Michael Wolffsohn's paternal grandfather Karl was a leading light of the Berlin entertainment industry-but in 1939 he was forced into exile and immigrated to Palestine. Justus Saalheimer, Wolffsohn's maternal grandfather, was interned in Dachau in November 1938. Following his release in ...