More than Strong!

Staying chilled through everyday life and school stress

Creatively mastering everyday life

Parents, school, friends - the everyday life of teenagers is quite stressful, and staying cool and calm is not always easy. This hands-on book focuses on concrete situations and practical exercises to promote resilience, creativity, ...

I, Odysseus, and the Gang from Troy

Odysseus & Co. tell the story of the wooden horse
The battle for Troy, the trick with the wooden horse, and the seemingly endless wanderings of Odysseus - all these adventures have been written down and filmed with some frequency. But who could tell these stories better ...

Volume: 6

Our Miss Fae

Fairy Dust in the Classroom

A fairy as a teacher - simply enchanting!

Miss Fae is a fairy who can grant all the wishes your heart desires - but one day, when she refuses to fulfil a really mean wish, she gets banished to the human world. She is now trying her luck as an elementary school teacher. What ...

Volume: 1

Invisible Elf Magic

Lia, everyone's favourite elf, is back! Lia has settled in nicely at Springwater, the elf boarding school. If only she had not received the reprimand she considers completely unfair. This is an unfortunate development, because if she accumulates a total of three reprimands, she will ...
Volume: 3

Blacktooth Ghost Academy

Teachers with an Edge

Uproar at Blacktooth Ghost Academy

Freddy can hardly believe his good luck. He has been offered a scholarship for Blacktooth Academy! There's just one thing that he still doesn't know: only magical creatures of all kinds - vampires, poltergeists, werewolves and many more - are ...

Volume: 1

Charlie – A School Bus Goes Haywire

Help! Our school bus is taking off - quite literally

Will can't believe his eyes when caretaker Freddie ploughs into the schoolyard with a bright yellow and very battered old schoolbus. Exhaust fumes mingle with the smell of adventure and so Will hops on the bus with a few ...

Volume: 1

Charlie - A School Bus Takes a Dive

A rather wet adventure with beloved Charlie

After Will and his friends return from their adventurous trip with Charlie, the magical school bus, they have to readjust to the boring everyday life of their boarding school. Charlie is hidden away, because the friends dream ...

Volume: 2

Hey, I'm Death Junior... But You Can Also Call Me Frida

A promising new voice in children's literature

Samuel has suffered from an autoimmune disease since birth. When a small figure wearing a black cowl and carrying a scythe appears at his home, he thinks: This is it! However, under her cowl, Frida looks like a totally ...

Jasper Wulff - The coolest Wolf in Town

A hairy affair.

Jasper Wulff would like nothing better than to be completely normal, but there is no chance of that, because Jasper and his family are werewolves! The Wulff family is anything but average, and when they have to move out of their lonely forest cottage and ...

Volume: 1

Our Miss Fae 2

Magical mail for Lilly

A new adventure with Miss Fae

Lilly's teacher is a real fairy. What luck for Lilly and her class! Because she causes little fairies to appear in their schoolhouse and attracts magical creatures with the children's help. When she even arranges for Lilly to have a pen pal ...

Volume: 2

The Foundling Fox

How the Little Fox Found a Mother

A vixen finds a fox cub that has gotten lost in the forest and carries it all the way home to her fox-earth where she lives with three cubs of her own. Her curious neighbour is anxious to see the new guest, but as the mother fox tries to pick it out, she realizes that she can no longer distinguish ...
Rights sold: France, South Korea, Israel, India (Bengali language), Spain (cat., cast.), South America, Arab language, PR China, Turkey, Russia

Zippel, the Little Keyhole Ghost Takes a Wrong Turn

Warm-hearted, witty and achingly lovely

Ever since Zippel, the real-life keyhole ghost, moved into Paul's bedroom, every day has been a barrel of laughs. This time, Zippel has decided that he would like to celebrate his birthday for the first time - that's when you get ...

Volume: 2