Symbiosis: An Alliance For Life

"I'll be your bodyguard in exchange for sweets." This is how the arrangement between ant and greenfly could be described. The ant protects the greenfly from ladybirds and is rewarded with homemade syrup-a mutually beneficial pact: a symbiosis. Nature has endless ...

dtv-Atlas Bible

Includes 115 coloured illustrations

The bible is not a book, it is a collection of books, which were written centuries ago by a range of different people, living in different times and writing with different aims in mind. And it is perhaps this complexity that has led to a degree of confusion over the ages . For ...
Rights sold: Hungary, Spain (cat., cast.), Portuguese language (Brazil)

Hot on the Trail with Inspector Maroni

Inspector Maroni is back on the case! As ever, he's invariably on site wherever thieves and swindlers go about their nefarious business, rushing from one crime scene to the next. To make sure he doesn't lose track of his cases and always gets the right criminal punished for the right crime, he ...

Rights sold: China (simplified characters)

On The Case With Inspector Maroni

With b/w illustrations by the author

40 mini mysteries to solve

Mickey Mouse is on the missing list? The ornamental fish have disappeared? A bogus fortune-teller seems to have vanished in a puff of smoke? Clearly, these are all cases for meticulous investigator Inspector Maroni! Nothing and no one can escape his ...

Rights sold: France, PR China, Turkey

Pepper Saves The Day

Mini-detective stories for you to help solve - and learn English in the process

»Let's go to America!«

When Kalle and Gitta go to New York they only mean to visit Aunt Betty and her parrot Pepper, but evil lurks everywhere and at all times. So the two of them are soon embroiled in three new cases. »Stop thief!« Learning English has never been so exciting.

Rights sold: France, Czech Republic, PR China

Stella Bella and the Monkey Thief

Even more detective stories to be solved

This time, Gitta Gurke and Kalle Bohne are on the trail of really crafty crooks ... and as always, the assistance of all detectives from age 9 onwards is urgently needed!

There are three big cases to be cracked this time:

A precious gem has disappeared from the Motzenstein museum.

Rights sold: France, Italy, PR China, Thailand, Estonia, Czech Republic

Damn it, the Humdoodlephone has Vanished!

Mini detective stories with cases for you to solve

How many times have the two private detectives Kalle and Gitta been on the move in search of the truth! Now the master detective duo has three tough new cases to crack once again:

Don Tamasi the Forger manages to escape from prison - and, of all times, just a few days before the ...
Rights sold: PR China

All Solved?!

With coloured illustrations by the author

Forty new cases to be solved together with Kalle Bohne and Gitta Gurke!

Kalle Bohne's and Gitta Gurke's fine nose is needed again. 40 new cases have to be solved on their desk: Who damaged the valuable paintings of the Countesses of Wutzelfeld and Kronlöcker with a beard's hair?
Rights sold: PR China, Russia

Back to the Stone Age in Jeans

A Holiday Adventure in the South of France

13-year-old Isabelle spends four weeks in south France with relatives. Together with her cousins Suzanne, Regis and Philippe she makes a great discovery: a cave from the Stone Age. With passionate enjoyment and Regis' knowledgeable guidance, they find 20,000 year-old evidence of the Cromagnon man: ...

Nuri’s Big Number

Clear the circus ring!

Who wouldn't enjoy having a snake woman as a mother and a magician as a father? Nuri and his three siblings are just that lucky. They get to grow up in the Circus Krambambulani, always surrounded by laughter and friendly people. There is just one problem: ...

You Can See Just as Well with your Ears!

Life's twice as nice with music!

This is the story of Mathis and Muks. Mathis is eleven and has especially keen hearing because he is blind. With his four-legged friend Muks by his side, he experiences life and music with such intensity that it feels like the two of them are ...

Franz Orghandl

The Cat Couldn’t Care Less

"I'm no different than I was. All I did was figure out that there'd been a mix-up."

Leo has a new name: Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't know how she learned what her real name is, but she is very glad to have finally woken up one day being aware of it. It is like something that helps ...