But Some Did

»My greatest hope is that you are happy when you think of me.«

This is the first novel ever published about the lives and deaths of the women and men involved with the so-called Red Orchestra. They all met the same violent fate, but their paths to that point were quite ...

Volume: 1

Guglhupf Squadron

Eberhofer's tenth case: a country mystery In his tenth case, Eberhofer goes head to head with the brutal debt collectors who are threatening the owners of the local lottery shop. At the same time, he has reason to celebrate since the local authorities in Niederkaltenkirchen have decided to ...
Volume: 10

Winter Potato Dumplings

A Bavarian Crime Thriller

For disciplinary reasons, Franz Eberhofer is forced to leave his post with the Munich police and is transferred to his home village of Niederkaltenkirchen in Lower Bavaria. There, he is a pen-pusher with a cushy job - his patrols invariably ending up in the pub for a beer with Wolfi or at ...

Rights sold: France, Turkey, Latvia, Hungary
Volume: 1

Damn it, Eberhofer!

Niederkaltenkirchen is everywhere! Four twisted stories from Eberhofer

Twisted, hilarious and heartwarming tales from Franz: trouble with Susi, an asinine murder case in Ruhrpott, a weekend in Austria with Simmerl, Flötzinger, and at least 17 glasses of raspberry brandy. ...

Epilogue, with Ducks

The story of a passionate but impossible love

"Berlin, 1976: one of the hottest summers on record. I was eighteen, an exchange student from West Germany; you were a twenty-five-year-old small-time dealer. It started just like they all do, those kinds of affairs-obsessive, insane, ...

The Weisswurst Connection

Niederkaltenkirchen goes twenty-first century!

When a luxury spa-hotel opens up in Niederkaltenkirchen, half the village is up in arms. Then, before long a dead body turns up in one of the hotel's marble bathtubs and it looks like another case for Franz Eberhofer-just when things ...

Volume: 8

0070: Turkey, Murder and Christmas Pudding

Former secret agent James Gerald and his girlfriend Sheila are looking forward to a peaceful run-up to Christmas at home in London. But it's not to be; Sheila's friend Rosalind is brutally murdered while taking a walk in the graveyard!

Without letting on to Sheila, James immediately ...

Volume: 4

The Plum Stew Conspiracy

What on earth is a woman's finger doing in a crow's beak?

Rudi moves to Munich's Slaughterhouse quarter. He enjoys hanging out on his balcony, watching the crows drift above the rooftops in lazy circles-but his urban idyll is rudely shattered when one of them drops a ...

Rights sold: Hungary
Volume: 6

Burning Rage

Commissioner Hanno Kaltwasser's first day at his new job is anything but a picnic! In the wake of a crisis-both professional and personal-he has requested a transfer from Munich to Berlin, where he finds himself thrown into the deep end straight away, confronted with a case ...

0070: Murder in Hangzhou

Once again retired spy James Gerald (70) is called on to help out by his former employer, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). His undercover mission is to ascertain who is sabotaging the Chinese tea trade and is responsible for countless poisonings. Of course James doesn't ...

Volume: 3

Sauerkraut Coma

As a result of his excellent record in Niederkaltenkirchen, Franz Eberhofer is promoted to Munich, the Bavarian capital of crime. It's just as well his creature comforts are well catered for in the form of his grandmother's care-packages. But he has hardly had time to settle into ...

Rights sold: Turkey, Latvia, Hungary
Volume: 5