Scandal in Olympia

A detective story set in ancient Greece and a case you can help to solve

At the Olympic games in the year 350 B.C. young Kapros has a good chance of winning the pentathlon and the wrestling competition. But then he suddenly goes missing! Has he lost his nerve all of a sudden and been frightened off by the strength of the competition?

Surely not! The ...

Rights sold: Turkey

Ambush On The Dragon Ship

A Case from the time of the Vikings for you to help to solve

Who stole the Viking's treasure?

Helge Helgeson, the old jarl of Haithabu is dead! In keeping with ancient Viking traditions, he is to be buried at sea. But the night before the ceremony is due to take place the ship disappears! And with it the treasure that is meant to accompany the dead ...

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The Missing Papyrus

A detective story set in Ancient Egypt you can help to solve

Egypt 1300 B.C: the aged and highly respected scribe Neferhotep is dead. He leaves behind a large collection of writings, amongst them a priceless medical text written on papyrus, which was meant to be left to the magician and healer Pabekamun. Such were the terms of the dead man's will. But ...

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The Gladiator’s Son

A detective story from ancient Rome for you to solve. With b/w illustrations by Marei Schweitzer

Rome, 46 B.C.: Caesar arranges for the defeated Prince of the Celts to be paraded in triumph through the town - and with him, the legendary Celtic gold! It goes without saying that Cornelia and her friends Titus, Gaius and Publius are there in the midst of the crowd, enjoying the spectacle.
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Pirates in the Classroom!

With b/w illustrations by Markus Grolik

The truth is that Jonni was hoping he could creep to his place in Class 3 without attracting anyone's attention, so that Herr Knickel the strict teacher wouldn't notice that he was late, but … he can hardly believe his eyes, surely this isn't happening!

There are at least twelve ...

Rights sold: Spain

The Pepper Thief

A Detective Story In The Middle Ages For You To Solve

July 1390: when Captain Klaus sails his boat into the harbour outside the town, the local innkeepers and grocers who have eagerly awaited his cargo are delighted. The great annual fair is to take place the very next day, the town is full of visitors and they will all be hungry and thirsty! ...

Rights sold: Turkey

The Children from Dragon Valley

Silently, dozens of balloons appeared in the sky, hot air balloons, gently bobbing spheres, in all the colours of the rainbow. Like a shoal of brightly coloured fish making its way through the ocean. More and more of them kept appearing. And they all seemed to be heading for the same place.

Love, Sex and More

A Sex Education Book for Young Adults. Revised and updated edition

Let's talk about sex, in a competent, open and entertaining way.

For this task, we have chosen as authors a knowledgeable man and woman, so that they can give answers to all that questions that girls and boys in the jungle of emotions that emerges during puberty might have.

Rights sold: S. Korea, Albania


Jan has never felt completely at ease in his role as heir to the Senneberg estate. When he travels to London with his school class, he makes a discovery that raises many questions: What happened to the paintings of the Reinfeld Collection, which once belonged to his family? Did his parents sell ...
Rights sold: The Netherlands, France

Kalla of the Lion Clan

An adventure set in the Stone Age

The location is Europe, the time is 30,000 years ago. The Neanderthals, who have inhabited the continent for nearly 200,000 years, are on the brink of extinction and will soon be replaced by "modern" man. In the Dordogne in the south of France, eight-year-old Kalla lives with her ...

Martin Fuchs

The Absssoluuutely Normal Mr. Gnirzdefrrrtz

As crazy as the rest of us

Who says there's anything wrong with Mr. Gnirzdefrrrtz? He's completely normal! You can tell that right away from his ordinary name. And his beard of a thousand funny green millipedes is also nothing special. Neither are his teeth, which are just as ...

Petra Fietzek

Belly Laughs are the best

You can't get friends in the supermarket

Eight-year-old Meret is looking for a new friend-a girl with really bright ideas who likes to think things through, a girl who knows a whole lot about life. Someone she can lie in a meadow with at night, staring up at the moon while they ...

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