Time for Something New

How to Figure out What to do After Retirement

Is there life after your career? Absolutely!

For the many people who define accomplishment and recognition in terms of their professional lives, the thought of departing the working world is unsettling. No doubt about it: It is a challenge to set the course for this new phase of ...

Tomorrow My Cover Will Be Blown

About feeling like you didn’t earn your success

How to defeat deceptive self-perceptions People who suffer from imposter syndrome do not ascribe their success to their own abilities, but to either lucky circumstances or to coincidence. Even when esteemed and recognized in their professional and private spheres, they live in ongoing fear ...

Lighthouse Parents: How We can Provide Guidance for Adolescent Children

How to Guide Children through Adolescence

The Concept of "New Authority"

In families with adolescent children, intense discussions, withdrawal, anger, and conflict are frequent occurrences. These are followed by even more intense discussions, withdrawal, anger, and so on. But the cause for these tensions often isn't rooted ...

Is This Supposed to Be Love?

How to Effectively Escape a Narcissistic Relationship

After spending twenty years in a marriage in which she primarily just "functioned," Sonja R. falls head over heels in love. As emotionally starved as she is, Frank gives her everything she has been missing for years. However, Sonja has found herself in the arms of a narcissist, a man who wants ...

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Seize the Freedom to be Yourself

This is how women can reach their true potential

Writing works better than any diet

In order for us to feel successful and happy in our lives, it is critical for us to develop our talents, recognize our individual beauty, and know what we really want.
Women, even now, tend to conform to others' needs, putting their ...

I Can Do It!

A Tale of Four Words That Can Change Your Life

Self-confidence can be acquired: A guide to success

"Academy for Self-Confidence" - Karl cannot repress a feeling of awe as he approaches the sign. Why has Marc, whom he has only just met, brought him here?
Self-confident? Karl is far from it. He is an unhappy student with a ...

It’s Free Up There

How to overcome mental blocks - 111 strategies, prompts and exercises

Simple Tools for Change

We often get in our own way: we set up mental barriers, question ourselves constantly, look on the down side of things, lack courage, and fear the unknown. This is called self-sabotage, and it can erode our self-confidence. Experienced trainer Jacqueline ...

Writing My Way to Slimness

A 12-week program to a healthy, feel-good weight

Writing works better than any diet

Most diets end up in a yo-yo effect which often masks the actual reasons for unhealthy eating habits. Physician and writing therapist Silke Heimes helps us to develop easily implemented strategies for a healthy and sustainable weight reduction.

The Power of Esteem

Meeting yourself and others positively

The scarcity of appreciation Recognition, esteem, gratitude. These signals of social acceptance fulfill some of humanity's basic needs. We want to be seen for who we are and long for recognition for what we have done and achieved. However, if you take a look around your own private ...

Our Astonishing Immune System

How it protects and heals us - and how we can strengthen it every day

Our bodies' miraculous defense system: everything we need to know about our immune systems

Millions of microorganisms have colonized us: bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites. Most of them are harmless, but some of them are malignant pathogens. Without a functioning immune system, we ...

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Queen of Effing Everything

How to Get the Amazing Life that Suits You

Effective immediately, the world belongs to me again!

"And now it's my turn!" - this sentiment coincides with many women's feelings about their lives. They have achieved a lot, shouldered a lot, and choked down a lot. Now the desire for an independent life of their own is growing.

The Forest, Four Questions, Life, and I

A Meeting that Changed Everything

This book has the power to change your life

She actually has everything she has ever dreamed of, but the young woman is, nonetheless, increasingly discontent. She frequently has no idea how to manage the daily balancing act between career and family. One day, while walking through ...

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