0070 - Agent on Board

Retired British Intelligence agent James (70) goes on a Mediterranean cruise with his former colleague Sheila Humphrey (67). The holiday comes as an invitation from Sheila's eccentric mother Phyllis, to mark the occasion of her 90 th birthday. The large retinue of guests is ...

Volume: 2

The Semolina Dumpling Affair

Franz Eberhofer's fourth case

There's trouble afoot in Niederkaltenkirchen once again. A policeman is found dead - and the last person who saw him alive was Franz Eberhofer! The dead cop was Eberhofer's immediate superior and arch-enemy, and the two of them had just had a huge row. Worse still, the murder weapon ...

Rights sold: Turkey, Latvia, Hungary
Volume: 4

Boar's Head, Rare

...dinner is served…

A blood-stained boar's head in Judge Moratschek's bed sets Franz Eberhofer on the trail of a dangerous psychopath. Hannibal Lecter's exploits are nothing compared to what Dr Küstner gets up to as he strikes terror into the ...

Rights sold: France, Turkey, Latvia, Hungary
Volume: 3

Steam-bread Blues

A Bavarian crime thriller

It's business as usual: crime is rife in Niederkaltenkirchen...

Franz Eberhofer's relationship with Susi is ticking along quite nicely and his pigsty of a home is finally approaching something resembling order. But then things start spinning out of control in Niederkaltenkirchen.

Rights sold: France, Turkey, Latvia, Hungary
Volume: 2

Dr. Immerwahr


"You poor old high society ladies. As superfluous as fleas on a dog!"

In April 1901, at the tender age of 30, Dr. Clara Immerwahr has reached the zenith of her academic career: she is working as an unpaid laboratory assistant in Breslau. What use all her knowledge, skill, ...

The Doll’s House

A novel littered with murders

What is a woman to do if the first thing that springs to her husband's mind when sex is mentioned is the mating habits of exotic animals? Doris Bering, a vet's wife, who is childless and chronically frustrated, seeks refuge in their attic and whiles away her time working ...


Escaping fatigue in a healthy way

A fresh start, new energy and a healthier life!

Tiredness, just like hunger and thirst, is a bodily function which keeps us alive and safe from fatigue and exhaustion. But when sleep is no longer a restorative, we experience a different kind of tiredness. One that makes us feel ill ...


Student Revolt and Global Protest

The year 1968 stands for an entire decade of rebellion. All around the globe young people took to the streets in their hundreds of thousands. Norbert Frei traces the roots of this worldwide revolution, marking the differences in what triggered unrest amongst an entire generation: in Germany it ...

Rights sold: Denmark, Hungary, Arab lanuage

Bertha Krupp and Her Children

The life of my grandmother

Bertha Krupp (1887-1957) spent her entire life in the public eye. Following her father's untimely and scandal-ridden death, she inherited the Krupp industrial empire at the tender age of 16. During her lifespan she witnessed two world wars, the end of the German empire, the great economic ...

Skeletons in the Closet

How Germany supports international war criminals

In 2006, a Congolese Hutu rebel chief was arrested in Germany. He had been able to direct a war of extermination in his own country from the comfort of his Mannheim living room.

It was Markus Frenzel's astonishing TV coverage on "FAKT" that led to the rebel chief's ...

Margarethe Krupp: The Life of My Great-Grandmother

It is 1902, and Friedrich Alfred Krupp - head of the global industrial giant of the same name - dies suddenly at the height of a scandal concerning his alleged homosexuality. Margarethe, his widow, must not only come to terms with her own feelings, but also ensure that neither her adolescent ...

dtv-Atlas The Earth

Physical Geography

And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good. (Genesis 1,10)

If you're not satisfied with these few words as an account of the creation of the earth, but want to know more about cartography, the ...
Rights sold: Spain, Hungary