Coverbild Gigaguhl’s Gigantic Joy von Alex Rühle, ISBN-978-3-423-76286-1

Gigaguhl’s Gigantic Joy

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Do you know Gigaguhl, the giant?

Despite his great size, Gigaguhl is extremely friendly. He especially loves animals. A family of bats sleeps under his arms. Goats hide among the hills of his neck. And a rare unicorn lives deep in his hair.
One evening, Gigaguhl feels very tired, so he covers himself with a colorful summer meadow and sleeps for a hundred years. During that time, a city springs up across the expanse of his back. Of course, its residents have no idea who is slumbering beneath them… until two curious children go out exploring and experience a gigantic adventure.

  • The new book by the Spiegel bestselling author of Zippel
  • Hide and seek fun for even the youngest of readers: Willy Peter Millimeter is hiding on every page, just waiting to be found
  • Marvellously illustrated by internationally renowned cartoonist Barbara Yelin
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About the author
Portrait von Alex Rühle

Alex Rühle

Alex Rühle, born in 1969, started out as a hospital clown, a café waiter, and an elementary school builder in Malawi. Since then, he has become a highly esteemed journalist and now works as the cultural editor for Süddeutsche Zeitung.
About the illustrator
Portrait von Barbara Yelin

Barbara Yelin

Barbara Yelin, born in 1977, first made a name for herself as a cartoonist in France, before her German publications were honored with numerous prizes and highly praised by the press. Gigaguhl’s Gigantic Joy is her first picture book for children. Barbara Yelin lives with her family in Munich.
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