Coverbild Why Only Dream About It? von Alexandra Berger, Andrea Ketterer, ISBN-978-3-423-34428-9

Why Only Dream About It?

What women wish to know about sex
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Women have a very different concept of a fulfilled sex life from men. If they simply adapt themselves to men's desires, the result is often a pretended climax.

In order to let their partners know what they really want, they have to find out for themselves.

Alexandra Berger and Andrea Ketterer, two journalists, openly discuss all the important issues relating to female sexual desires: love practices and positions - from Kamasutra to S&M - as well as sexual fantasies and cybersex. They bring up new ideas that can help women bring back excitement and eroticism to a stale relationship. They address common misconceptions, such as the view that women are all about romance, while men just want sex. In addition, they give advice on how to overcome his incapacity or her disinterest.

All too often, it ends up that good girls suffer headaches and boredom, while bad girls get what they want and have fun.
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368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-34428-9

Rights sold: Italy, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland
About the author

Alexandra Berger

Alexandra Berger, born in Hamburg in 1964, studied communication science, German and psychology. Andrea Ketterer, born in Munich in 1959, studied German and sport science.Both are editors with COSMOPOLITAN where they are responsible for psychology, partnership and sex.
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