Coverbild Nothing Besides Myself von Andreas Schimmelbusch, ISBN-978-3-423-28132-4

Nothing Besides Myself

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The lives of other - the loves of others

Relationship stories, twisted love stories, stories about loneliness, and stories about the hunger for stories. Andreas Schimmelbusch’s heroes are on the run: from themselves, from their lives. They are driven across great distances to Reykjavik, Frankfurt, New York, California. On their rambles through foreign metropolises, they observe, spellbound, other people’s experiences - bankers, actors, artists, grifters. Original and surprising, Andreas Schimmelbusch’s stories touch on the themes of yearning, loneliness, and the dream of the larger stage.

Andreas Schimmelbusch’s refreshing, witty and ironic style (in which movies and film culture play a major role) will touch the reader deeply. The contrast between the observed, cinematic, narrated lives and the reality of the protagonists’ individual lives is constantly evident. The loneliness of his protagonists is, in many ways, palpable.

- An exciting new voice
- For all cinema lovers and those with unfullfilled dreams
- Unusual, ironic, urbane

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