Coverbild Lia Stormgold von Aniela Ley, ISBN-978-3-423-76307-3
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Lia Stormgold

The Power of Crystals

Suddenly, elves!

Before now, eleven-year-old Lia didn’t know that elves actually existed. But now, as the result of a failed magical spell, she is stuck in the body of the air princess Asalia and is forced to search for the location of Spring Water, the famous elf boarding school. Lia’s initial aversion to this idea is quickly forgotten, because Spring Water isn’t only a magical school. It offers all kinds of adventures, such as a flight through the diamond labyrinth or confronting bullies from the position of a genuine princess. However, more than anything else, Lia has to hide her secret about who she actually is, because it has been ages since humans were allowed to even enter Spring Water!

  • The first book of an enchanting and charming series about an elf girl (vol. 2 to be published in Spring 2021)
  • Aniela Ley is the pseudonym of a well-established fantasy author
  • For readers of Tanja Stewner and Jessica Townsend

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240 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76307-3

Rights sold: Russia (Eksmo)
About the author

Aniela Ley

Aniela Ley always has been a bookworm, even as a child, driven by the confident hope that a door to a fantastic world would open between the covers of each book she read. As an author, she has created numerous literary worlds herself, and she now knows that this door exists wherever books are being read.

Aniela Ley: Lia Sturmgold

Plötzlich Elfe? Das passiert Larissa, als ein Zauber der Elfenprinzessin Asalia schief gegangen ist. Denn die beiden Mädchen tauschen Plätze und jetzt muss Larissa als Asalia auf das Elfeninternat Springwasser. Ob das gut geht?

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