Coverbild Wait Till I get my Hands on You! von Anja Goerz, ISBN-978-3-423-21833-7
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Wait Till I get my Hands on You!

Bendix Steensen is stranded by a storm at Heathrow airport. At increasingly frequent intervals, he receives calls from his nine-year-old son Lewe, whose panic is clearly growing by the minute. His mum and grandma have been gone for hours, nobody’s answering their phone and he’s afraid he may well no longer be alone in the remote house in Niebüll. Bendix alerts the local police and although they don’t find anything suspicious, he does everything in his power to get back to North Frisia as quickly as possible. But compounded by blizzards and storms, the journey seems endless. Meanwhile, Bendix’s wife and mother are facing a struggle of a very different nature —and Lewe really is no longer alone....

  • A sophisticated thriller with a strongly driven plot that pulls the reader in. The growing sense of unease and anxiety is offset beautifully by the affectionate depiction of the North Frisian people.
Erscheint am 23.10.2020
About the author
Portrait des Autors Anja Goerz

Anja Goerz

Anja Goerz comes from North Frisia, works as a presenter at Northwestern Radio/Radio Bremen and radioeins/rbb; she has homes in Falkensee near Berlin and Bremen.
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