Coverbild The Apple Collector von Anja Jonuleit, ISBN-978-3-423-26017-6

The Apple Collector

a novel

Germany, 1965. Elizabeth has had a strict Catholic upbringing in a small village and dreams of leading an independent life in the city. That summer, she falls in love for the first time: with Giorgio, a young Italian guest worker. But shortly before his departure, Giorgio confesses that he is already married – and Eli’s whole world falls apart...

Umbria, today. After a long-standing relationship has come to an end, Hannah travels to Umbria to take up her beloved Aunt Eli’s legacy: an old stone house full of secrets. While Hannah is clearing up, she discovers a cache of old letters addressed by her aunt to her “dear child”. Could that have been Hannah herself, who grew up in Umbria after her parents were killed in an accident?

In the village Hannah comes across an eccentric man whose passion is growing traditional strains of apples and pears. For one reason or another Eli befriended the "apple collector," and so Hannah decides to do the same. Is he the key to Eli’s secret?

  • an atmospheric family novel about two women who share a secret

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About the author
Portrait des Autors Anja Jonuleit

Anja Jonuleit

Anja Jonuleit, born in 1965 in Bonn, is a translator and interpreter. She has lived and worked in New York, Bonn, Rome, Damascus and Munich. In 1994 she returned to Germany and now lives on Lake Constance with her husband and four children.

Anja Jonuleit

Alle Infos über die Bestsellerautorin Anja Jonuleit und ihre packenden Familienromane - mit Interview, Veranstaltungen, Leseproben und Hintergrundinformationen.
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