Coverbild The Estranged Daughter von , ISBN-978-3-423-24945-4
Anja Jonuleit

The Estranged Daughter

Everyone in Paris knows him: Mr Cho, the mysterious tea master, who lives a life of lonely seclusion. One day a young woman turns up at his shop and asks him to perform a traditional tea ceremony for her. Escorting Lin to the door after the ritual is over, he is stunned when she bids him farewell with the words “goodbye, Father” and disappears into the street.

Cho discovers that Lin is the heiress of the major tea dynasty Thé-des-Anges. The company line is that she’s in Asia on business, but he knows this to be untrue. So why the lie, and where has Lin gone? The young woman appears to have vanished without trace. Cho won’t let the matter rest; he is determined to see Lin again – and before long his investigations bring him perilously close to discovering this potent and influential family’s sinister secret.

400 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24945-4
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