Coverbild The Game of the Night Girls von Anja Jonuleit, ISBN-978-3-423-21918-1
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The Game of the Night Girls

Sixteen-year-old Annamaria will never forget that “Dirty Thursday”: A harmless Carnival tradition spells doom for the young girl. And yet no one is willing to believe what happened to Annamaria, who has been living with a negligent and unloving foster mother since her parents’ untimely deaths. Her fate seems to improve when she is chosen to live in the “house of the happy family.” She grows increasingly hopeful since she has always dreamed of being part of a picture-perfect family. Super-mother Liane rules the roost here, and she seems to have everything in perfect working order. A professional guidance counselor, her rules are strict. And yet, is Liane’s family life really all that flawless?

- An ambitious and compelling story about home, identity, and the seemingly perfect family

Praise for Raven Women

“A moving book that leads you into the abyss. You will never forget it.” Sibylle Peine (dpa), Offenbach Post

“A relentless book that inspires reflection.” Indra Lindenau, Weser Kurier

Erscheint am 23.04.2021
About the author
Portrait des Autors Anja Jonuleit

Anja Jonuleit

Anja Jonuleit, born in 1965 in Bonn, is a translator and interpreter. She has lived and worked in New York, Bonn, Rome, Damascus and Munich. In 1994 she returned to Germany and now lives on Lake Constance with her husband and four children.

Anja Jonuleit

Alle Infos über die Bestsellerautorin Anja Jonuleit und ihre packenden Familienromane - mit Interview, Veranstaltungen, Leseproben und Hintergrundinformationen.

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