Coverbild The Other Death von , ISBN-978-3-423-21287-8
Anja Jonuleit

The Other Death

A man without memory. But the past catches up with him…

After an accident that virtually destroys his face, the life of German entrepreneur Max Winther is hanging by a thread. Two years and countless plastic surgery operations later, he is able to leave the specialist clinic in California with his beloved wife Anouk. But there’s one thing he seems to have lost irretrievably: his memory. Yet though he might not remember his past, he can’t erase history.

Time and again, profoundly upsetting images erupt from his subconscious like flashlights in the night. What unspeakable secret is his wife harbouring? It is the beginning of a dramatic search for clues...

  • a riveting psychological thriller

  • sophisticated, fast-paced plot; taut and atmospheric to the final page

336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21287-8
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