Coverbild Luzie’s Mad World von Anna Lott, ISBN-978-3-423-76128-4

Luzie’s Mad World

Luzie is nine. She’s a bit on the small side, but she has a big heart and a head full of crazy ideas. She loves animals more than anything—most of all Herkules, her guinea pig. So when she discovers that he’s in danger and that Leon—the leader of the Nasty Horror Gang—is behind it, she does everything in her power to save her beloved pet. It’s just as well she can rely on Herkules’ magic powers and he sets her on the right track at the decisive moment! Luzie knows for sure that Herkules isn’t just any old run-of-the-mill guinea pig but is in fact both immortal and magical...or maybe that’s just her special perspective on the world.

for fledgling readers: brief chapters, full of fast-paced action, with lots of illustrations

180 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76128-4

Rights sold: Lithuania
About the author
Portrait des Autors Anna Lott

Anna Lott

Anna Lott was born in 1975; she trained as a screenwriter and went on to work as an editor in Bremen for many years. She still lives there, regularly presenting children’s books on radio. In 2014, she turned her hand to freelance writing.
About the illustrator

Lucie Göpfert

Lucie Göpfert was born in 1983 in Weimar. She studied playing and learning design in Halle and has been working as a freelance illustrator since 2010.
Buchspecial, Buchspecial

Anna Lott: Luzies verrückte Welt

Luzie ist neun und klein, aber sie hat ein großes Herz und den Kopf voller verrückter Ideen. Tiere liebt sie über alles und am allermeisten Herkules, ihr Meerschweinchen.
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