Coverbild Adolf Hitler – Key Questions Answered von , ISBN-978-3-423-24523-4
Anna Maria Sigmund

Adolf Hitler – Key Questions Answered

Decades after the end of the Third Reich, after the demise of Adolf Hitler and his regime, people still ask this question. After many years of intensive research into the Nazi-era and on the basis of new, partially unknown sources, the author comes up with well-founded, concise and often surprising answers.

What made Hitler so fascinating?
What made Hitler’s ascent to power possible?
Why did Hitler try to cover up his origins? Was he in fact of Jewish descent?
Why were there so few assassination attempts against Hitler?
Why did no one prevent the Nazis from seizing power?
Why did the crowds cheer him so frenetically?

260 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24523-4

Rights sold: Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Turkey
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