Coverbild Hey, I'm Death Junior... But You Can Also Call Me Frida von Anne Gröger, ISBN-978-3-423-76347-9
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Hey, I'm Death Junior... But You Can Also Call Me Frida

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A promising new voice in children’s literature

Samuel has suffered from an autoimmune disease since birth. When a small figure wearing a black cowl and carrying a scythe appears at his home, he thinks: This is it! However, under her cowl, Frida looks like a totally normal human girl. Her boss, Death Senior, has assigned the eleven-year-old boy to her. Unfortunately, as she soon discovers, he is quite dull. Frida wants to go outside, but Samuel absolutely does not. After all, it is dangerous outside! Lurking out there are potential accidents of all kinds, forces of nature... and children – the biggest germ-spreaders of all! Perfect, thinks Frida. She has yet to fully understand what her mission actually is. She wants to ditch Samuel – and he wants to get rid of her! So the two of them make their way out into the world together, one that the human boy knows as little about as the cheeky apprentice of Death...

• With hilarious illustrations by Fréderic Bertrand, illustrator of the Please don’t open-series by Charlotte Habersack
• Awarded the 2020 Oldenburg Children’s and Youth Book Prize
• A rare stroke of luck: Anne Gröger writes with humor and disarming ease about the big topics of death, life and friendship in a way that is relatable to the target group

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208 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76347-9

Rights sold: PR China (Citic Press)
About the illustrator
Portrait von Fréderic Bertrand

Fréderic Bertrand

Born in 1981, Fréderic Bertrand studied graphic design in Bremen. Since then, he has been holed up in a garage on the eastern edge of Berlin. This is where he works, day in and day out, on a large array of children’s book. Other than that, he is completely normal.
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