Coverbild Horses von Antje Potthoff, ISBN-978-3-423-20558-0
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»You can become just as addicted to horses as to chocolate or alcohol. Their smell is intoxicating, the way they move is exhilarating. And spending time with them is meditation in its purest form. Believe me, as a devoted horse-obsessive I know all about it! It all started twelve years ago, with one horse, intended at first merely to carry me from A to B in a refined fashion. That was all I expected from those animals. Meanwhile I have reached my personal dose (horse-ly speaking). Eight. They live behind my house and chomp away all our hard-earned money between their astoundingly large teeth. And although I know it will be my ruin in the long run, it’s still the loveliest sound I know. I no longer want them just to carry me from A to B, either. No, I admit my greatest yearning is to truly join them, to be one of them. A horse on two legs. I want to be able to understand every twitch of their ears, every snort. I want to be able to twitch my ears and snort just like them, so that they understand me. My name is Antje Potthoff, I’m a horseaolic and this is my story.«
144 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20558-0
About the author

Antje Potthoff

Antje Potthoff, born in 1966, has 6 children and 8 horses.
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