Coverbild The Tournament von Anu Stohner, ISBN-978-3-423-62542-5

The Tournament

Robert and the Knights IV

They call him the Ghost Knight: the mysterious visitor who never ever opens his visor and shows up only for tournaments – which he wins without fail. But the Wackerburg tournament looks like the perfect setting for the Black Knight to take his revenge on the silent stranger.

The castle’s damsels are in a fluster; they’ve all taken sides and are holding a torch for one knight or the other. So of course young boys like Robert and Tom don’t stand a chance, despite being brave time-travellers equipped with a magic sword. But then Robert has a brainwave. He promises the beautiful Ingrid a feather from the Ghost Knight’s helmet so she’ll see him in a more favourable light, but it puts him in a tight spot – because now he has to keep his word…

184 pages, Age 8 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-62542-5
About the author
Portrait des Autors Anu Stohner

Anu Stohner

Anu Stohner, born in 1952 in Helsinki, is a translator and writer who lives in Munich. She has won several awards for her trans­lations from Finnish, Swedish and English. She is internationally known for her books about “Little Santa Claus” in collaboration with Henrike Wilson.
About the illustrator

Jörg Mühle

Jörg Mühle was born in 1973, studied at the Offenbach School of Design and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Artes Décoratifs in Paris, lives in Frankfurt and works as a freelance illustrator.
Buchspecial, Buchspecial

Anu Stohner: Gretas Entschuldigungen

Greta gibt in unserem Special Tipps, wie man sich am besten entschuldigt. Außerdem kannst du einen Blick auf ihre Entschuldigungsbriefe werfen.
Buchspecial, Buchspecial

Anu Stohner: Die kleine Schusselhexe greift ein

Wer kann sich schon alle Zaubersprüche merken? Die kleine Schusselhexe jedenfalls nicht. Aber sie hat das Herz am rechten Fleck, und deswegen lieben sie alle.
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