Coverbild Beware of Love von , ISBN-978-3-423-20779-9
Asta Scheib

Beware of Love

»Munich, that was home.« Here Therese enjoys a comfortable childhood. Her father runs a warehouse and a clothes factory; Thomas Mann and Sauerbruch are regular visitors to their elegant house in Herzogpark. Then the National Socialists seize power, and soon everything is turned upside down – the highly respected Jewish family is treated with hatred and contempt, and before long they are systematically ruined. Therese’s marriage to the doctor Leon Rheinfelder falls apart and she only manages to escape certain death through the intervention of her former nanny and her brother, who is a party member and a chief constable. He hides the young woman ...

The true story of a woman who suddenly finds out what it means to be Jewish in Nazi Germany – and of people who follow the promptings of their conscience.

224 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20779-9
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