Coverbild It’s Snowing Over There von Astrid Ruppert, ISBN-978-3-423-25419-9

It’s Snowing Over There

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The magic of a Christmas evening

The residents of an old apartment building are looking forward to the approaching Christmas season with something less than enthusiasm. On every floor, in every apartment, chaos, conflict or loneliness rule the day. Five-yearold Jules is the only one whose faith in the Christ Child remains, and so he decides to give the building’s occupants a celebration full of hope and love. A touching Christmas tale about the joy of friendship.

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304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-25419-9
About the author
Portrait des Autors Astrid Ruppert

Astrid Ruppert

Astrid Ruppert worked as a dramatic consultant and producer for television productions after completing her degree in literature. She lives in the countryside, and works as an author and screenwriter.

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