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Nicolas has rehabilitated himself as a bodyguard. He is now in the employ of a wealthy aristocrat in Normandy who has been receiving threatening letters for some time. Meanwhile, in Deauville, police find the murdered body of an under-age prostitute. Among her possessions they discover a telephone number which turns out to belong to a dead man Nicolas has just pulled from the Thames in London. In the course of the investigation Nicolas finds himself immersed in a shadow world of illegal immigration and forced prostitution.

While all this is going on, Nicolas is continuing the search for his girlfriend Julie, who disappeared three years ago. Will he find her at long last?

• a cleverly conceived crime series set on Normandy’s windswept shoreline and imbued with a hint of melancholy
• the second volume featuring young bodyguard Nicolas Guerlain

Press acclaim for Jetsam

• Sharp dialogue and many comic elements give this novel its distinctive flair. And yet the TV-journalist’s debut is anything but a light-hearted and fluffy French novel. High voltage suspense is the predominant element, and the showdown is enough to take your breath away. It seems just a matter of time before someone turns Benjamin Cors’ first-rate material, conceived as a series, into a film.

• The German crime-fiction genre has been enriched by the arrival of a major new talent.
- Susann Butcher,

About the author
Portrait des Autors Benjamin Cors

Benjamin Cors

Benjamin Cors is a political journalist and television presenter who spent many years covering world news for evening news programmes and in-depth political analysis. Today he works as a regional political correspondent for a broadcasting station. He grew up as a Franco-German national and spent his childhood summers in Normandy.

Benjamin Cors

Mehr über den Autor Benjamin Cors und seine Kriminalromane rund um Nicolas Guerlain - mit Interview, Leseproben und vielen Hintergrundinformationen!

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