Coverbild I Can Do It! von Bodo Schäfer, ISBN-978-3-423-35185-0
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I Can Do It!

A Tale of Four Words That Can Change Your Life

Self-confidence can be acquired: A guide to success

“Academy for Self-Confidence” – Karl cannot repress a feeling of awe as he approaches the sign. Why has Marc, whom he has only just met, brought him here?
Self-confident? Karl is far from it. He is an unhappy student with a badly paid part-time job. And try as he might, Karl can’t imagine how to improve his lot in life. Since meeting Marc, though, his life has taken a turn for the better. Marc helps him meet the lovely Anna, and Karl starts to feel the magic of self-confidence. These new experiences guide Karl in his search for answers to the three fundamental questions “Who am I?”, “Am I worth of love?”, “Can I do this?”. After all, self-confidence is the very foundation of happiness and success.

• Bodo Schäfer’s most personal book yet reveals how even the most insecure of us can become more self-confident
• Total sales worldwide of over 15 million copies
• Books by the author have been sold into 24 languages
• SPIEGEL Bestseller Author

Erscheint am 20.07.2022
256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-35185-0
About the author
Portrait von Bodo Schäfer

Bodo Schäfer

Bodo Schäfer is an internationally renowned seminar leader and conference speaker. As a successful entrepreneur, he is one of Europe’s top financial coaches and the author of numerous bestsellers. In this book, he shows us that self-confidence determines the quality of our lives – and teaches us how we can improve it. He has acquired this knowledge from his own experience and is eager to help others realize their potential with what he has learned.

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