Coverbild Love is the Best Cook von Brigitte Pons, ISBN-978-3-423-21823-8
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Love is the Best Cook

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People don’t kiss amateur cooks...

Against her better judgment, Miriam decides to do a favor for her ex-boyfriend Felix. She agrees to take over a shabby, chaotic bistro for a few days. Fortunately for her, Selim (a chatty Turkish bus driver and dreamy amateur cook), Joannis (an accountant and Selim’s friend), and the Iraqi Hasim offer her assistance.

Everything might have gone well, except Miriam’s ex Felix shows up and suddenly everything becomes horribly complicated.

Erscheint am 21.02.2020
368 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21823-8
About the author

Brigitte Pons

Brigitte Pons, born in 1967, lives near Frankfurt am Main. She has published several cozy and regional mysteries.
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