Coverbild Eerily Embarrassing - The Journal of Ruby Black von Cally Stronk, ISBN-978-3-423-76274-8
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Eerily Embarrassing - The Journal of Ruby Black

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Six Feet Under meets Adams Family

Ruby wants only two things: to be normal and inconspicuous, and to find friends. This isn’t all that easy considering her eccentric family and their home on the edge of a cemetery, which happens to be where her entire family works. Oma Ottilie gives yoga courses for reconciliation with the dead, Ruby’s father designs caskets, and her mother bakes totally insane death-themed confections for the cemetery cafe.
Despite all this, Ruby’s chances have never been better than they are now. She has changed schools, and nobody at her new school knows about her crazy family. And everything goes well at the beginning. Ruby makes friends with Milli and Lilli, but they are more than nice. They are always sniffing out secrets and good stories for their school blog. Of course, Ruby makes a good target...

  • An endearing protagonist with a family in the graveyard business
  • With quirky characters and funny scrawly illustrations, as well as timeless themes such as friendship and first crushes
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224 pages, Age 10 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-76274-8
About the author
Portrait von Cally Stronk

Cally Stronk

Cally Stronk, born in 1977, studied social and economic communication at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2010, after working as an independent consultant in the areas of editing, film and music, Cally Stronk has worked primarily as a children’s book author.
About the illustrator

Constanze von Kitzing

Constanze von Kitzing’s early passion for pen and paper began with hundreds of princesses and horses. These days, she prefers quirky characters in rich, saturated colors. Von Kitzing’s books have been honored with international prizes and have been released in fourteen countries.

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