Coverbild Alma & Jasmin von Caro Martini, ISBN-978-3-423-21640-1

Alma & Jasmin

After a collision on the street, the souls of Alma (72) and Jasmin (30) swap bodies. By the time they notice the exchange, unmitigated chaos is already in full swing. In a rough and ready fashion, they both do what they can to make the best of things between afternoon tea dances on one hand and relentless all-night clubbing on the other. As time wears on they even manage to arrive at a mutual understanding and come to enjoy the advantages of their new situation. Each can learn something from the other’s generation – and they’re even able to resolve one or two crucial life issues thanks to the heady mix of insight, experience and knowledge they can now call upon.

But things get really complicated when love enters the frame: Jasmin’s boss Andy suddenly finds his employee eminently charming. She’s literate and erudite – the superficial and flighty young creature seems a thing of the past. And raffish Fred from the senior dance group immediately falls for unconventional Alma who comes to the senior meetings clad in zebra-striped leggings, hell-bent on riding a motorbike for some reason. Alma and Jasmin are both off on their first dates. How will things work out for them...?

• Delightfully light-hearted, humorous women’s fiction; a book that lets us forget the drab realities of everyday life.

• with a magic twist that allows the likeable protagonists to go beyond the confines of their everyday lives – a first step towards happiness…

304 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21640-1

Rights sold: Czech Republic
About the author
Portrait des Autors Caro Martini

Caro Martini

Caro Martini studied English and German literature in Leipzig and London. Addicted to books from an early age, she eventually decided to start writing them herself.

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