Coverbild Turn Left at the Next Man von , ISBN-978-3-423-21588-6
Caro Martini

Turn Left at the Next Man

Lucie may be drop-dead gorgeous and utterly charming, but she lacks orientation in life, love and motoring. When she buys a second-hand sat-nav at the local flea market, the seller hands it to her with the words “may you reach your destination“. A bit much, thinks Lucie—it’s just a sat-nav for God’s sake! But the very first time she uses it, it greets her personally, saying “Hi Lucie, where do you want to go today?“, then proceeds to guide her in a friendly but resolute manner—everywhere except her specified destination! If Lucie’s life was disorganised before, it’s totally off the rails now; but the mysterious apparatus with the George Clooney voice seems to know just where her happiness is lying in store…

  • A delightful story about one girl’s meandering journey through life—with a dash of magic.

256 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21588-6
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