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The Letter

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Imagine receiving a letter that questions everything you previously held to be true. This is precisely the predicament Marie, a woman in her early 30s, finds herself in as she reads the missive an old school friend has sent her. The letter describes Marie’s life in Paris—her husband Victor, the successful gallery owner—and her life-threatening illness. What’s this all about? In actual fact Marie enjoys excellent health; she works as a journalist in Hamburg and is in a happy relationship with Johanna. But the enigmatic letter shakes her to the core. On the spur of the moment she sets off for Paris—and finds herself in a life that seems strangely familiar, a life with which she feels an inexplicable connection…

  • a search for identity, love and truth—inescapably exciting and irresistibly soulful
  • an elegant, deftly told debut novel with a surprising conclusion
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About the author
Portrait des Autors Carolin Hagebölling

Carolin Hagebölling

Carolin Hagebölling has been living and working in Munich as a freelance copywriter, concept designer and editor since 2010. She loves the mountains, travelling, writing and expanding her horizons.
Buchspecial, Belletristik/Sachbuch

Carolin Hagebölling: Der Brief

Bin ich die Frau in meinem anderen Leben? Ein irrwitziger Spannungsroman und ein fesselndes Spiel mit Realitäten.

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