Coverbild Paradise In Flames von Charlotte Sandmann, ISBN-978-3-423-24728-3

Paradise In Flames

Forced into a marriage on faraway Java… Caught up in a sinister intrigue… Trapped in an inferno of ash and fire…

Hamburg, 1883. To save her bankrupt father, young Helena von Odenhofen agrees to wed wealthy Jonah Aldermann, who is the heir to his family’s plantation on Java. Marrying into his fortune will prevent her father’s impending imprisonment for debt.

But on her journey to the distant island, Helena soon discovers there is far worse in store for her than marriage to a stranger. Alone and defenceless, she is forced to accept that her own life is on the line. And there is worse to come: disaster strikes the coastal towns of Java, an event that only occurs every hundred years – the volcano Krakatoa erupts. In this inferno of fire, ash and deadly tsunamis, the social conventions of faraway Europe are forgotten…

352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24728-3
About the author

Charlotte Sandmann

Charlotte Sandmann is in her fifties, works in adult education, and has always had a keen interest in the history of medical science, also working as a ghostwriter in the field.
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