Coverbild The Pharmacist's Wife von Charlotte Sandmann, ISBN-978-3-423-21281-6

The Pharmacist's Wife

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The place is Hamburg, the year is 1898. Eighteen-year-old Louise is nearing the end of her tether: over the last few weeks, her husband Raoul Paquin, a respected pharmacist in his fifties, has become unbearable. He bullies his wife as well as his staff and is suspicious of everyone. Then one day Paquin is found dead in the bathroom. At first it looks like suicide. But the post mortem reveals that he was poisoned, and suddenly everyone around him really is a suspect. And that includes his young widow.

One of the few friends to give Louise unwavering support is her husband’s private secretary Frederick, who soon confesses his secret love for her. But she is so distressed and confused that initially she distances herself from him. While the police are looking for the murderer, she decides to take things into her own hands – she sacks her insubordinate employees and runs the pharmacy by herself.

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384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-21281-6
About the author

Charlotte Sandmann

Charlotte Sandmann is in her fifties, works in adult education, and has always had a keen interest in the history of medical science, also working as a ghostwriter in the field.
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