Coverbild White Supremacy’s Long Farewell von Charlotte Wiedemann, ISBN-978-3-423-28205-5

White Supremacy’s Long Farewell

An Enthusiastic Plea to Rethink the Old World
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What does it mean to be German – to be European – in a period in which the world order is controlled less and less by the West and by a white minority? The challenges related to immigrant societies and the cultural shifts occurring around the world will result in one single outcome: Europe will have to cope with its decline in status. The end of white supremacy means that the West can no longer impose its definitions of progress, growth or feminism upon others. Pluralistic thinking is what is required for living in a pluralistic world. The far right is profiting from the fears generated by this period of transition, but change will free all of us in the long run.
  • A strong plea for intellectual variety and against backlash
  • Our future is everything but white
  • For readers of Michael Lueders and Harald Welzer
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288 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-28205-5
About the author
Portrait des Autors Charlotte Wiedemann

Charlotte Wiedemann

Charlotte Wiedemann is a journalist and author. As an international correspondent for various countries in Asia and Africa, primarily in the Islamic nations, she has spent years grappling with the topic of “we vs. the others.” Her articles were published in Geo, Die Zeit, and NZZ, and she is also a columnist for the taz. In 2017, Charlotte Wiedemann received the Otto Brenner Foundation’s Special Prize for her life’s work. She has published several books.

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