Coverbild The Night in You von Christa Bernuth, ISBN-978-3-423-26107-4

The Night in You

The hunt for the killer continues!

Lukas Saalfeld is living a solitary life under the pseudonym of Lukas Larache. His family has left him; he may have his liberty, but he has to attend therapy sessions and report to the police on a regular basis. And all the while his son René Kalden, alias Leander Kern, is free to travel the world over, murdering at will – and provoking Lukas by sharing the gory details of his killings. Lukas immediately passes the information on to Commissioner Sina Rastegar, as per the deal they struck.

Meanwhile Sina is investigating two perplexing deaths in an elite Leyden boarding school. When she asks Lukas for his help, she makes a decision with unforeseeable and extremely dangerous consequences...

• oppressive, gory and relentless: the second volume featuring what must surely be the most offbeat investigative duo in the entire genre – Saalfeld and Rastegar, sex-offender and policewoman
• grippingly written, with a highly sophisticated plot full of surprising twists and turns, leading to an extraordinary climax

Press acclaim for The Wrong in Me
• a dark psychological thriller – sophisticated, iniquitous and deeply disturbing
- Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 4.4.2014

• a first-rate psychological thriller that can easily stand alongside the best American crime fiction.
- Miss Sophie on

• an experienced professional journalist turns his hand to fiction – with first rate results
- Kölner Illustrierte, March 2014

• a far cry from the run-of the mill malarkey

About the author
Portrait des Autors Christa Bernuth

Christa Bernuth

Christa Bernuth lives in Munich and spent many years working as a freelance journalist for various papers and magazines. Her successful murder mysteries have been translated into many languages and some of them have been adapted for the screen.

Christa Bernuth: Thrillerreihe mit Lukas Salfeld

Mehr über die packende Reihe mit dem sicherlich ungewöhnlichsten Ermittler-Team des Thrillergenres: Lukas Salfeld und Sina Rastegar - Triebtäter und Polizistin.

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