Coverbild The Wrong in Me von , ISBN-978-3-423-24992-8
Christa Bernuth

The Wrong in Me

Fifty year old Lukas Salfeld leads a perfectly normal life. No one could possibly suspect that as a teenager he was jailed for slashing the throat of his girlfriend Marion and subjecting her corpse to a frenzy of post-mortem stabbing. For a long time he manages to ward off his psychopathic urges, until the day he meets a young woman with a fatal resemblance to his dead girlfriend and his dangerous fantasies start to gain the upper hand again. When a girl is found murdered—killed in the same fashion as Marion all those years ago—it doesn’t take the detectives in charge of the investigation long to discover the parallels to the earlier case. In order to avoid arrest, Salfeld goes into hiding, harbouring the audacious plan to become the hunter by tracking down the murderer single-handed. But what if he ends up implicating himself? For Salfeld has no memory whatsoever of the night of the murder…

Oppressive, bloody and relentless: a breathtaking thriller that keeps the reader hooked from first page to last. With subtle dexterity, the author takes us on a revealing journey into the dark depths of the psyche, laying bare evils we can hardly bear to be confronted with.

Press acclaim
• a dark psychological thriller – sophisticated, iniquitous and deeply disturbing
- Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger, 4.4.2014

• a first-rate psychological thriller that can easily stand alongside the best American crime fiction.
- Miss Sophie on

• an experienced professional journalist turns his hand to fiction – with first rate results
- Kölner Illustrierte, March 2014

• a far cry from the run-of the mill malarkey

352 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-24992-8
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