Coverbild Who Is to Blame? von Christa Bernuth, ISBN-978-3-423-24813-6

Who Is to Blame?

Paul is in his mid-thirties, and he is dead. The young psychotherapist dies in his flat one night, completely unexpectedly. At first it looks like he’s had a stroke. But then a mysterious skull fracture arouses the police’s suspicions. Has Paul been murdered after all? At his funeral, all his long-standing friends are present: each one of them is preoccupied with their own life and the frequently futile pursuit of striving for satisfaction and happiness. His death shatters the web of love, lies, deceit, betrayal and secrets that surrounds their relationships.

A modern, highly topical and cleverly constructed novel that centres around what people are capable of doing to each other and what it means to take on responsibility.

About the author
Portrait des Autors Christa Bernuth

Christa Bernuth

Christa Bernuth lives in Munich and spent many years working as a freelance journalist for various papers and magazines. Her successful murder mysteries have been translated into many languages and some of them have been adapted for the screen.

Christa Bernuth: Thrillerreihe mit Lukas Salfeld

Mehr über die packende Reihe mit dem sicherlich ungewöhnlichsten Ermittler-Team des Thrillergenres: Lukas Salfeld und Sina Rastegar - Triebtäter und Polizistin.

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