Coverbild Emergency Landing On 17a Milky Way von Christian Tielmann, ISBN-978-3-423-71675-8

Emergency Landing On 17a Milky Way

Two aliens, Winston and Ibu, are on the run from their teacher. When they’re forced to make an emergency landing, they find themselves on the stupidest planet in the entire universe – Planet Earth! To make matters worse, they crash-land on 17a Milky Way – slap bang in the middle of a housing estate! The brothers’ humanoid disguise isn’t entirely convincing and their plight isn’t helped when they attempt to hide their spaceship between two of the semi-detached houses without stopping to think things through properly.

There’s only one person who’s really happy in the ensuing mayhem – Linus from next door. For this reserved and reclusive boy, meeting offbeat Winston marks the start of a beautiful friendship that means he finally finds his rightful “home” on Milky Way.

Imaginative, packed with hilarious scenes - extraterrestrially funny!

“Imaginative, funny, exciting, packed full of crazy technical details. Perfect for boys.” FAZ
“Funny, lively, original - this is how a children’s book should be. Something like this runs the risk of making reading addictive!” Alliteratur, Lesetipps fuer Grundschueler
About the author
Portrait des Autors Christian Tielmann

Christian Tielmann

Christian Tielmann was born in 1971 in Wuppertal. He studied Philosophy and German at Hamburg and Freiburg. Today he lives in Cologne. He has been writing books for children and young adults since 1999.
About the illustrator

Markus Spang

Markus Spang, born in 1972, studied philosophy and history of art at Karlsruhe, then illustration in Münster. Since 2002 he has been living in Cologne, painting pictures, illustrating scripts and writing texts for various different magazines and publishing houses.
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