Coverbild Slain Dragons And Magic Flutes von , ISBN-978-3-941411-09-8
Christoph Schmitz

Slain Dragons And Magic Flutes

Stories from the great operas

Melodrama, emotion, madness – the vital components of opera, presented in a perfect format for young minds

The operatic stage is a hotbed of simmering drama. A vibrant theatrical world of jealousy, intrigue and murder, at times the action is so relentless it can be difficult to follow – it’s just as well there’s someone to explain exactly what is going on. Slain Dragons and Magic Flutes presents the stories from all the most important operas, beginning with "L’Orfeo" all the way to "The Threepenny Opera", in skilfully condensed versions giving an outline of all the significant motifs running through the works. Of course, the music itself is paramount, and if you are not, as yet, familiar with the melodies, you’ll want to hear the music as soon as possible. Gerda Raidt’s illustrations elaborately recreate the operatic stage with its spectacular designs and thrilling light effects.

96 pages, Age 6 and up, ISBN 978-3-941411-09-8
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