Coverbild A Knock At The Door von Christopher Kloeble, ISBN-978-3-423-24720-7

A Knock At The Door

Short Stories
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A knock at the door can herald many changes…

Christopher Kloeble tells stories of young people whose lives are abruptly altered. A scream rips through the silence, the phone rings – and, in an instant, everything is possible once more, or a love has gone wrong. Many of the changes Kloeble describes are minuscule: what concerns him are the tiny cracks in the lives of families, students, young men and women. He’s not interested in providing punch lines or seismic dramas: the author reports incidents from his protagonists’ quotidian lives, where love appears as often as death, and life’s everyday tears are of as much importance as its major fissures. And, throughout, his playful command of words and fiction contribute to the discerning reader’s pleasure.

A volume of short stories in which Christopher Kloeble focuses on turning points – polished, playful and precise.

"A plea for hope, written with a delicate touch and never lacking in humour.” - Julie Zeh on Christopher Kloeble’s novel “Amongst Loners”

About the author
Portrait von Christopher Kloeble

Christopher Kloeble

Christopher Kloeble studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig, was writer-in-residence at Cambridge University (UK), at the Goethe Institute in Bangalore (India) and at the Deutsches Haus in New York (USA). In 2015 he was appointed Max Kade guest professor at Dartmouth College in Hanover (USA). His debut novel Amongst Loners won him the Jürgen Ponto Foundation literary prize, and his first screenplay, Inclusion, was filmed by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation) in 2011 and received the ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting) Prize. In 2012 he published the novel Meistens alles sehr schnell in Germany which was released in the US under the title Almost Everything Very Fast in February 2016. A regular contributor to Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung and taz, he has homes in Berlin and Delhi.
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