Coverbild More often than not all very fast von Christopher Kloeble, ISBN-978-3-423-14381-3

More often than not all very fast

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For years, Albert has been visiting Fred during the holidays and at weekends, but they’ve never really grown close. Albert only ever called Fred Fred, never Father. Fred is a child trapped in the body of an old man, he spends his time reading encyclopaedias, waves at green cars and guards his prize possession jealously. Albert is 22, grew up in a children’s home and never knew his mother. Somehow he senses that Fred is the only one who can help him find out more about his background. But Fred has only five months left to live. With time against them, Albert and Fred set out on an adventurous voyage of discovery that leads them via the underground sewers into the distant past – all the way back to a night in August 1912, and to Jasfe and Josfer...

A highly original comedy and humorous take on the concept of the family saga that examines existential issues from a witty and charming new angle.

Christopher Kloeble’s debut novel Among Loners won him the Jürgen Ponto Foundation prize. His collection of short stories A Knock at the Door was published in 2009.

Kloeble received grants from the Künstlerhaus Ahrenshoop and the German Literature Fund for his work on this novel.

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384 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-14381-3

Rights sold: Israel, English language, Italy, Turkey
About the author
Portrait von Christopher Kloeble

Christopher Kloeble

Christopher Kloeble studied at the German Literature Institute in Leipzig, was writer-in-residence at Cambridge University (UK), at the Goethe Institute in Bangalore (India) and at the Deutsches Haus in New York (USA). In 2015 he was appointed Max Kade guest professor at Dartmouth College in Hanover (USA). His debut novel Amongst Loners won him the Jürgen Ponto Foundation literary prize, and his first screenplay, Inclusion, was filmed by Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation) in 2011 and received the ABU (Asia Pacific Broadcasting) Prize. In 2012 he published the novel Meistens alles sehr schnell in Germany which was released in the US under the title Almost Everything Very Fast in February 2016. A regular contributor to Die Zeit, Süddeutsche Zeitung and taz, he has homes in Berlin and Delhi.
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