Coverbild Paris, Love, and Other Lies von Claire Morin, ISBN-978-3-423-74043-2

Paris, Love, and Other Lies

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It is May in Paris, and finally Anna can once again see her best friend Laura, who moved there a year ago. Her trip starts out on a good note: On the train, she meets Joe whom she agrees to meet in the next few days. As reflected in the numerous texts that Joe sends her after their arrival in Paris, he seems to have felt the same sparks she did.
However, before their eagerly anticipated first rendezvous can take place, the rude awakening comes. While at a party, Anna finally meets the boy Laura has gushed about for weeks and whom she apparently started dating recently. It’s none other than Joe!
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288 pages, Age 12 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-74043-2
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