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Claudia Gross

The Scholarium

A rainy night in Cologne, in the year 1413. The neighbours are roused by bloodcurdling screams. They rush down to the alley, but all they see is a shadowy figure scurrying away with fluttering coattails. The cloth maker is about to take up the chase when he discovers a book, the sleeves of a coat, shoes, a shirt and trousers scattered on the ground - along with the corpse of Frederico Casall, master of the seven liberal arts and a vehement advocate of the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinus.

At the university chancellor’s behest, Master Steiner takes up the investigations. The only clue is afforded by a parchment in the murdered man’s book: »You sever all that belongs together, but fail to recognize that which does not. Solve this riddle and you will have got a little closer to whoever brought Casall a little closer to hell.« Who is behind it? Is the murderer a member of faculty, an adversary of the philosophical school that Casall represented? Or will another rumour be confirmed: that Casall’s erudite wife Sophie had good reason to get him out of the picture? Master Steiner is confronted with a puzzle beyond the simply philosophical when Sophie disappears without trace soon after …

Can a bizarre murder case be solved with the laws of medieval logic? A historical novel, set in the year 1413, with the newly founded Cologne university as its backdrop.
336 pages, ISBN 978-3-423-20720-1

Rights sold: USA/UK, Spain, Russia, Turkey
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