Coverbild Belle – The Curse of Balmoral Castle von Conny Amreich, ISBN-978-3-423-71658-1

Belle – The Curse of Balmoral Castle

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Scotland, 1877: in a misty Highland glen, a coach tumbles into a ravine and its passengers—sixteen-year-old Belle Mc Bean and her father—find themselves in the clutches of a mysterious creature in derelict Kinord Castle. On Belle’s insistence, the creature sets her ailing father free, but in exchange she must remain as his prisoner. Belle unexpectedly finds herself growing more and more attracted to the reclusive lord of the manor. When soldiers from the city besiege Kinord Castle, Belle has to decide whether to save his life … or run for her own.

• highly charged, highly emotional: the perfect read for all fans of historical romantic fantasy
• a densely atmospheric, intensely exciting, extremely romantic story in a fantastic setting
• “an atmospheric page-turner with blockbuster ambitions.”
- Eselsohr on Because It Must Not Be

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224 pages, Age 14 and up, ISBN 978-3-423-71658-1
About the author

Conny Amreich

Conny Amreich was born in 1986 in Vienna. She studied stage and costume design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and gained work experience in many of the city’s theatres. In 2008, a romantic attachment brought her to London, where she works in theatre and film as a costume designer.

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